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Ajmer Property is a common platform for sellers, Builders, Investors, Real estate or property dealer in Ajmer those are interested to online advertisement of property in Ajmer or surrounding area .
We not only publish online advertisement but also market your property so that seller will get response soon & offline support will be 24 hours to the buyers.

Features for E- advertising
1. Boost & Enhance the property at Ajmer and globally
2. Proper target Marketing of property
3. Timely feed back to seller & buyer about the deal

Packages For Individuals

We provide Packages for Investors, Sellers of Ajmer & Globally those are frequently selling & purchasing property at Ajmer.

Features of Package

1. Boost & Enhance their Property in Ajmer
2. Manage & Sell their Deals in Ajmer
3. Premium Plan with images & Contact No of Property.

Packages for Broker/Real estate Agents /Dealer in Ajmer

We Manage & Market brokers Deals regularly.


1. Weekly visit at broker office for Add on the listing
2. We provide only Premium Listing of property to Ajmer brokers
3. Unlimited Home page (Premium Listing to Brokers)
4. Online marketing of individuals brokers deals in Ajmer & globally

E-Marketing Solutions

We Provide E-Marketing & Online marketing Solution to the Buyer, Seller, Property Brokers, Investors In Ajmer
E marketing is the fast & hi-tech Method as comparatively to traditional marketing in real estate in Ajmer.
Because limited sourcing, limitation of traditional resources of marketing the business becomes limited.
So keeping in this manner we have started the E-Marketing solution for Builers, Real Estate Agents, & Investors and sellers in Ajmer So that they can boost their property in Ajmer as well globally.

Lead Management Manage lead for builder, Property Agents & Sellers in Ajmer. Whenever buyer looking real estate, Property Investment, Property in Ajmer he gets lot of options through the website where all brokers of Ajmer have inserted their premium property deals in this manner seller And brokers of Ajmer will get a direct call through buyer If we get leads through helpline we filter the lead as per investor, buyer requirement and pass as per area builder or brokers at Ajmer.

Property Management is also serving in the field of property management
the area covers by us

1. Tenant Management - we not only search the Tenant for your property but also manage all the related things from top to bottom like manage & search right tenant & proper legal & agreement writing ,rent collection etc. .

2.Repair & maintenance ,Construction - some of investor & seller has no time to manage their property due to busy scheduling & Living abroad so we keep the maintain the home so that they can live comfortable.we also provide the building contractor,Color contractor for new built up houses & properties in ajmer.

3.Real estate Investing /Selling/Buying Consultation - we also assist the NRI'S & regular investor for Investment in ajmer real estate which area will be suitable & why & what will be the profit ratio within year .we also assist the buyer to take the house in proper way.

Social Media Marketing

We can’t ignore the social Media Marketing in smart city Ajmer. Everybody is connecting social media Like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. So Ajmerpropertybazaar .com have good & Healthy connection over social media which are using for their potential customers we manage all the social media plugging for our marketing so that we can boost & enhance builders, real estate agents property in Ajmer.

Our Strength

About 2000 likes on face book Business Pages
Around 100+ Property Groups Joining in Ajmer & Rajasthan
Healthy Real estate professional connections on linked in
24 hour Managing Social media marketing of your property in Ajmer.

E-Marketing Packages for Devolopers

We provides Project Marketing packages for Developers, builders in Ajmer or Surrounding area of Ajmer. Generally Builder market their property through print media which is very costly and one day activity on the another hands we market the builder’s projects throughout the year.

Features for Builders, Developers Project Marketing

1. 365 days online marketing, Advertising & branding in Ajmer & Surrounding areas.
2. Weekly Lead updates of interested customers for builders projects in Ajmer
3. Manage Online ambiance of builder’s Branding in Ajmer
4. Manage Social media marketing of projects in Ajmer & globally.
5. Total customer Life cycle management.
6. 24 hour Helpline & Support for customers.
7. Lead management
8. Suggest/Assist as mentor.
9. Arranging Broker meet/Conference at site if builder required.
10. Customer relationship management till the property sold.
11. 2 visit at site in monthly for builder’s projects development
12. Provide Real estate Market updates about the project.
13. Market research & Analysis of project
14. Forward Updating /Information about the projects to potential brokers in Ajmer.